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“How Does Learning Happen?”

We offer a program that implements Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years "How Does Learning Happen?"

We create warm environments that aims for the development of each child at their own pace, all based on the four foundations that ensure optimal learning and development. 

Our learning environments

Through play, children are exposed to situations that will stimulate:

  • Self-esteem, decision-making skills;

  • Creativity, curiosity, initiative and independence;

  • Complete physical development;

  • Group interaction and communication;

  • Respect for others;

  • Fine motor skills.

creative arts,
music and movements

A free environment where children have the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination. It's the process and not the result that counts!


There  has a quiet corner in each group that allows children to self-regulate their emotions and have time for themselves!

Drama games

Children have the opportunity to express themselves and explore sociodramatic play through loose parts, fabric, cooking, and much more!


Language is everywhere! In play, conversations, stories, books, songs,  and gestures! We have sign language posters in each group!

Sensory games

There are many opportunities to explore our senses in our rooms! Through the sensory bins of water and sand, the manipulation of various textures, music, instruments and many others!

Outdoor games

Our outdoor environments are made with natural structures for climbing, music, performances, art, and places to explore loose parts, water, and sand!

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